Love Bonito

Wynk Collaborative

The Love Bonito store is a fun and tactile play on colours, texture and shapes, giving physical form to the virtual shopping experience of the much loved online clothing retailer in Singapore. Rooted in the retailer’s mission to empower the modern woman, the store is designed to be both a retail and community space, peppered with multiple touch-points that not only helps the customer directly in various parts of the journey, but also engages the senses of the customer to create a fun and expressive experience.

The main palette of the space is a warm composition of peach and cement with a shot of electric blue and stainless steel, and accents of terrazzo. A visual spine connects the entrance all the way into the store, drawing customers into the main retail space. A pink tiled wall lines the visual spine and contains the entrance to the fitting room, concierge counter and digital kiosks that bridge the physical retail experience back to the online experience.

At the main retail space, arcs of neon hover over the custom-made clothing racks, with the space divided into two main sections by a dichroic glass partition that casts a prismatic filter onto the other side of the space. The fitting room area is also designed to be a space that is rich in texture and experiential qualities with the archways and terrazzo textures. Adjustable lighting within each fitting room allow customers to create different lighting conditions to try on the clothes in. A dedicated community space is situated at the end of the visual spine, hosting frequent events that pertain to the lifestyle of the Love Bonito community.

Lighting: Lightbasic, Luxlight, Osram. Finishes: LG, Wall Studio Singapore, Pandomo/ Ardex Singapore, Dichroic, 3M, Unlimited Enterprise Singapore, Bode Fabrics Singapore, Mondo Singapore.

Photography: Jovian Lim