St Stephens Junior School

CODA Studio

St Stephen’s Primary School in Duncraig describes itself as “a modern, forward thinking school, taking education to a new inspiring level”. The school campus is made up of a number of 90’s brick buildings that do not reflect the school’s current aspirational desire to implement a more progressive pedagogy.

CODA has worked with the school to find ways to update it with minimal cost and no structural alterations. Two distinct key moves and a series of smaller works are underway, the first of which will see the library relocated to an existing atrium space, allowing it to meander through a more dynamic environment. The old library is to be converted into an open plan ‘Year 5 hub’, better reflecting contemporary pedagogy.

The spaces are designed to be easily modified so that students can actively participate in their learning environment. Furniture and screens will be fabricated using identifiable, ready-made objects, re-purposed either from industrial uses or from outdoor environments. In the ‘meandering library’ these materials will be playfully used to define the space by distinct themes: Village Green, Town Square, the Street and the highly flexible Market. The Primary School upgrade project is complete and opened on February 5 2016, in time for the new school year, to the delight of teachers and children alike