Hotel Mono

Spacedge Designs

Targeted at savvy travellers and locals seeking unique design experiences, the new Hotel Mono on Mosque Street, Chinatown, occupies a row of six conservation shop-houses that were painstakingly refurbished by Spacedge Designs.

In keeping with the hotel’s desire to offer high-quality rooms and service standards at a reasonable price, Spacedge Designs opted for a pared-down, yet considered design approach. Describing his concept as “simple [and] almost frugal,” William Chan, Chief Designer and Founder of Spacedge Designs, wanted to iconise the local shophouses with a modern twist and perspective on Singaporean design. Entering the hotel, guests are greeted by a striking lobby that features a T-shaped cantilevered reception and a protruding six-metre illuminated wall ledge that runs in tandem with a customised 10-seater metal bench. According to Chan, these horizontal lines provide “a strong architectural canvas for the space.”

In addition, it imbues the hotel with a consistent visual identity further emphasised by a monochromatic palette. “Besides making the spaces [feel] comfortable physically and visually, I wanted to create a landscape of linear beauty, one that focuses on lines, grids, basic shapes and forms,” says Chan. A squarish metal bar structure cuts across every room in various ways, creating a bold visual identity, while functioning as a coat hanger and lighting fixture. Mosaic tiles are prominently featured in the rooms to draw links to Singapore’s history, while reinforcing the geometric look.

Catering to the architectural details of the conservation shophouses, each of the 46 guest rooms features a different layout with similar fixtures of varying adaptations so the experience of each returning guest changes with every new visit.