Studio Lotus

Nestled amidst the leafy environs of New Delhi’s diplomatic enclave of Chanakyapuri, the flagship centre for Lifeyoga is designed to facilitate a calming, meditative, and uplifting experience that is reflective of the inner journey of the practitioners of this ancient science.
The centre spans three levels, each one characterised by a play of scale, volume, and light, corresponding to the brief’s diverse programmatic requirements.

The ground level houses the reception that extends into a retail zone, and a restaurant, ‘Eleved’, serving Ayurveda-inspired fare. The basement with its naturally lower daylight levels becomes an ideal space for the placement of studios that facilitate the slower, deeper, more meditative practices of yoga.

The therapeutic effects of lighting have been harnessed in diverse ways to promote relaxation and deepen focus. The main yoga studio located on the upper floor is conceptualised as a conservatory in response to development control regulations. The space hosts high-intensity training sessions and hot yoga classes. The hot yoga panels in white, double up as lighting reflectors, and also as baffles to diffuse the light coming in from the overhead skylights, creating an evenly lit space.


Furniture: Lap & Dado. Fittings & Fixtures: Timber carving by Craft Canvas


Photography: Kartikeya Manan