Lentor Health Nursing Home (West Coast), a fenceless community research-based pilot innovative integrated nursing home for West Coast Neighbourhood.

CPG Consultants in collaboration with FARM Architects (Research & Design Architect ), STUCK Design (Research)

The 10-storey fenceless care home serving West Coast community, Lentor Health Nursing Home (West Coast) (“LHNHWC”) developed by Ministry of Health (MOH), comprises a Nursing Home (NH), Senior Care Centre (SCC) and Home Care Office (HCO).

Evolution of a Nursing Home:
The Lentor Health Nursing Home West Coast project is a collaboration between Urban Redevelopment Authority, Ministry of Health, MOH Holdings Pte Ltd and National University of Singapore and aims to design future-ready and sustainable nursing homes for person-centric care models in communities.

Objectives include supporting innovative care models, proposing typologies for affordable quality care, seamlessly assimilating the nursing home into the community and achieving buildability and operational efficiency.

The design emphasises fostering a sense of belonging for residents – not only to add years to life, but life to years. Key elements include resident-centric care, elder-friendly design, versatile facilities, community-based care in place and pandemic-resilient features, aiming to create safe, enabling environments for health and independence. The project reflects a holistic approach to elderly care, integrating physical, emotional, and social well-being into facility design.


Furniture: Built-in furniture- Enlighten Furniture Decoration, System furniture, Workgroup Systems. Lighting: HEC Electrical and Construction. Finishes: Aluminium works/Handrail works- Millionbuilt, Screeding/Tiling/Skim coat/Plaster- Baoping Construction, Ceiling, Partition- SG-Bogen, Door- JS Door, Painting- ARTIS COATINGS, Solid surface-top- Topz Gallery Private Limited, Vinyl floor- See & See Contracts, Intumescent paint- Brandschutz Fire Technology Waterproofing- L H Waterproofing Specialists. Fittings & Fixtures: Curtain track/Toilet grab bar- Global Builder’s Supplier, Corner guard/wall guard grab bar- CS Contracts & Services, Fire curtain and roller shutter: SBS Roller Doors, Handrail works, grating- Tristar Engineering Operable wall- Great Year Industries, Signage- Amico Technology International, Stainless steel bollard- Suntec Metal (S), Toilet Cubicle- Elite Builders & Supplies.


Photography: Finbarr Fallon