Botanica Meditation Centre

HAS design and research

The Botanica Meditation Centre is located on the outskirts of the old city of Hefei, China. In the past 30 years, there has been rapid population growth and the city has transformed from a single central area to a multi-centre metropolis through intensive development. The Botanica Meditation Centre adds calmness and provides respite within this bustling city.

HAS design and research conducted in-depth research on the project and found that traditional botanical gardens require large water tanks with two systems: plant and equipment. In the Botanica Meditation Centre, the conventional method has been reversed and the traditional equipment hidden underground. This allows the ground area to be transformed into a multi-functional space for meditation and relaxation.

During the day, the Botanica Meditation Centre presents a quiet sense of the landscape and in the afternoon, the mist system waters plants and also generates fog that adds to the atmosphere.

The façade material of the Botanica Meditation Centre and the stone steps in the landscape are local Hefei travertine. Hundreds of stones were hand-beaten by local craftsmen and the inlaid stepping stones all have irregular edges, as if formed by nature over time.

The Botanica Meditation Centre allows residents to enjoy an extraordinary and relaxing experience and escape the city to simply relax with nature.


Furniture: HAY. Lighting: Shanghai Rxin Lighting Technology.


Photography: Yu Bai