Westmead Private Hospital – Stage 3 Expansion

Silver Thomas Hanley

The Westmead Private Hospital is positioned at the gateway of the Westmead Health and Innovation District, which is to become one of Australia’s largest health and research zones with state-of-the-art facilities. The main building works included a three-floor addition to the front entry of the hospital, a new drop off, reception and waiting area, a 28-bed Inpatient Unit connecting on level one, and 13 new Consulting Suites on level two. The Interventional Suite was expanded to include two new Operating Theatres and there is a full refurbishment of the two existing Cardiac Catheter Laboratories.

The façade utilises tiles with an articulated form to invigorate the hospital’s prime position and street presence and the interior design concept focuses around a warm, lush palette bringing a sense of luxury and hospitality to patients and visitors. Soft surfaces and rich materials have been used to create welcoming and comfortable spaces while being supported by best practice healthcare design.

A variety of lighting sources are found through the facility, with feature lighting to staff areas to further identify these spaces, integrated lighting within handrails and patient-controlled lighting to the bedrooms that create an environment the patient can control, adapting lighting levels as required throughout the day. Natural lighting however, is a key consideration to healthcare design. Large windows to patient rooms and into common corridors and stairwells have been included and allow natural light in for patients, staff, and visitors to be able to visually connect to the environment outside.

Landscaping incorporated the planting of a large number of trees to offset the new building. This was to assist in reducing the “urban heat island” that cities face, creating a better urban environment within the community and shade for users as well as maintaining habitats for local fauna within the area.


Furniture: OwnWorld, Workspace Commercial Furniture, Safety & Mobility. Lighting: Domus Lighting, Sunny Australia Lighting, mLight, Klik System. Finishes: Laminex, Polytec, WilsonArt, Materialised, Corian, Ontera, Shaw Contract, Academy Tiles, Tarkett, Armstrong Flooring, Dulux, ColorTile, HWG Facades, Corium Brick Tile. Fittings & Fixtures: Metlam, Kethy, Handle House, Surecare, Intraspace, Dyson, Intrim Group, Corian, Enware, Caroma, GWA Bathroom & Kitchens.


Photography: Inhaus Media (Image 1), Tyrone Branigan (Image 2-4).