BIPO Beauty Clinic

Studio RYTE
Hong Kong, China

BIPO is a beauty clinic that pursues a comprehensive total beauty solution for its customers. The design of the project is that of a soothing getaway experience that helps melt away clients’ stresses to regain harmony between the inner and outer bodies. It is a place where beauty and health are taken care of from the inside out.

A total design was delivered for BIPO – from the logo, to the colour palette of the brand through to the interior space. BIPO is a holistic experience that instigates and supports harmony, health and wellbeing. The colour palette of the interior is filled with earthy toned materials, including environmentally friendly acoustic boards, sustainable flooring and soft upholstered furniture. A touch of greenery provides colour and texture to the space concurrently acting as a buffer to absorb sound. Full-height curvatures are expressed in columns, while smaller forms are inbuilt in shelving. The same language is carried through in small details such as the wooden name card stand and the outdoor metal leaflet stand, both expressing the continuous flow of beauty and health between the inside and out.

Echoing the new logo and the brand philosophy, the interior presents a balance between material and light, curvature and flow. It represents the human body and universe where energy flows in and out as a cycle.


Furniture: HiQ Furniture. Lighting: YJXG Lighting. Finishes: NewTeam, Markway, Ryte, Formica. Fittings & Fixtures: Dorma.


Photography: Studio RYTE.