400 George Street EOTF


As a collaboration between nettletontribe Architects, client, Cromwell Property Group, and Builder, ATG Projects, the new end-of-trip facility for 400 George St redefines the end-of-trip experiential design for Brisbane. It moves beyond the usual basement level amenities to create a facility that has wellness and luxury in mind, while also providing a place for moments of calm and to refresh away from the fast-paced world in which we live.

Responding to the brief, the level one food court was transformed to include more than 500 lockers as well as a dedicated lounge space. An additional 150 bike parks were added to the existing car park in response to the growing demand for on-site secure bike parking, promoting a space where exercise and movement are encouraged.

Early collaboration between builder, client and designer meant that finishes were holistically considered and able to meet client budgetary requirements without compromising design intent. The design aimed to minimise its environmental impact where possible and radiate wellness and calm.

The delivery of the design moved beyond the client brief and showcased the potential for inner city work and amenity spaces to reflect and support the people who use them. It is a bespoke space that is end-user focused.


Furniture: Tom Skeehan, Stylecraft, Materialised, Interiors Online, Interiors Online, Geometric Stool, Comax, Ross Gardam, Temple & Webster, Temple & Webster. Lighting: Prolicht, LAD Lighting, Invader, Wall Light Nocturnal, Nordic Tales, Surrounding Lighting, Rakumba, Lee Broom, Space Furniture, Trend Lighting, Aizer, Unios, Titanium Starlight. Finishes: Beaumont Tiles, Ultra Flake Epoxy Coating, All Purpose Coating, Interface, Interface, World Woven Collection, Natural Dobby on Cushionback, Amber Tiles, Sculptform, PEFC, Rockcote, Dulux, Acratex, Aluskirting, Builder, Gyprock, Oxytech, Wattyl, Laminex, Pelle Leathers. Fittings & Fixtures: Caroma, Stern, Bradley, JD Macdonald, Handy Sanitiser, Caroma, Coolibah, Metlam, Sonia, Hafele, Bobrick, Phoenix, Lo & Co, Dorf, Dyson, GHD, ZETR, Five at Heart, Interim, Kirkbuild, Billi, Vertikal, ASSA signs.


Photography: Scott Burrows Photography.