Danchun Yao

University of Tasmania

Re-Tire Muscycuse is a counterproposal for proposed tyre recycling and asphalt production plants on neighbouring sites in Tasmania. The project evolves from those two plants into a recreation park and museum. The architecture shows an alternative life for retired tyres beyond the standard shredding and scrapping, its organic form establishing a dialogue with the surrounding hills and offering a welcoming terrain for visitors.

Different from the traditional tyre treatment plant or the environmental protection Museum, Re-tire Museum, through the combination of the two, more directly shows us the problem of excess used tires that we face today and the value of used tyres is not only limited to rolling on the road. The structure and design of the architecture also have the potential to grow in different stages to respond to an increase in end-of-life tyres and the architecture indicates the tyre growth rate and recovery rate have reached a balanced state when it stops growing.

The aims of this project are to explore the potential of end-of-life tyres as materials in architecture; to investigate how the three different functions – museum, recycling centre, and refuse centre – can be mixed and joined by end-of-life tyres to achieve 1+1+1>3; to demonstrate how hybridity can unlock effects adjacency cannot; and to show how architecture can transfer prosaic infrastructure into a beautiful environment.