Studiobird is an award winning art, architecture and design practice based in Melbourne, Australia. Since its formation in 2008, the practice has realised projects in the fields of architecture, interior architecture, interior design, installation art, performance art, moving image and public art.

Studiobird’s creations are the result of a progressive and experimental process foregrounded by a unique collaborative practice model which brings together professionals from the fields of art, architecture, design and science. In this model, cinematographers, composers, architects, astrophysicists, biologists, industrial designers, choreographers share in a “what-if” approach and unite under the manifesto of reimagining ideas, symbols and materials to create interactive multifaceted worlds that offer meaning and complexity.

Central to this collaborative team are ongoing architects and interior designers who assist in realising new build houses, hospitality & retail projects, university interiors, leisure and tourism projects, as well as civic spaces. The studio’s approach to these typologies is nourished by both the eclectic mix of collaborators and by Studiobird’s art practice. This results in design outcomes which feature distinct material approaches and spatially immersive attributes.

The practice is led by Matthew Bird, a multidisciplinary artist and architect with over fifteen years practice in Australia and internationally. As an artist, Bird has exhibited commissioned works at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Festival, MONA, Venice Architecture Biennale (Italy), McClelland Gallery & Sculpture Park, MPavilion and the Samstag Museum of Art. International artist residencies have also played a fundamental role in the artistic inflection of Studiobird’s design practice.

Studiobird is also an armature for Bird’s academic tenure at Monash University where he introduces students to speculative design and art practices, engages with industry-led partnerships and realises a strong and distinct research portfolio.

Photography: Christine Francis, Peter Bennetts, and Rebecca Selleck