SJB was established in 1976, with three founders who shared a passion for architecture, and a belief that businesses would do well to operate a little more like families do. Families trust each other, families invest in each other, and, of course, families grow — as has SJB. The practice is a collective of experts; a multi-disciplinary practice that embraces architecture, interior design, town planning and urban design. The collective goal is to contribute meaningfully and responsibly to the environments in which we all live.

The scale and nature of SJB’s work varies, from significant urban developments to intimate rural residences; from revising planning processes to reimagining public parkland. The design reflects the experience – whether that is shaping a moment or shaping a metropolis.

The work of the practice is based on a simple guiding principle: empathy. SJB prides itself on the strength, quality and longevity of its professional relationships. The studio is an inclusive workplace where diverse perspectives and talents can flourish and clients’ needs are fulfilled.

The directors each lead specialist teams built around people from diverse backgrounds, who speak different languages, and draw on far-reaching education and life experiences. This diversity, as well as a curious and exploratory way of approaching every project, allows the studio to see the full spectrum of possibilities available in the design process – and affords it the foresight to navigate to the exact combination of possibilities that best meet the needs of each project. Through a rigorous process of interrogation – of a clients’ brief and aspirations; of the site and budget constraints; and the necessary functional performance of the project – the unexplored solutions are discovered and solutions found that exceed expectations.

SJB has designed some of Australia’s most recognisable and innovative projects and achieved a fine reputation for bringing enthusiasm, creativity, and personal commitment to every commission – whether it is the interior design of someone’s home, or planning the revitalisation of an entire site.

Photography: Aaron Puls, Andrew Parr, Katie Kaars, and Tom Roe