Flack Studio


Established in 2014, Flack Studio is a multi-disciplinary practice based in Melbourne. The practice traverses the sectors of residential, commercial and hospitality design in Australian and international environments. The practice is a tight-knit, dynamic team of young professionals, who delight in architecture and interior projects in which furniture, lighting, textiles, and fittings coalesce into a holistic, if sometimes, idiosyncratic experience.

The Flack Studio aesthetic is contemporary and respectfully classed, inspired by the bygone era of architecture and design, with a thirst for adventure and the delight of discovering unusual beauty. It holds craftsmanship in high regard, combining warm materials with clean lines, textural palettes and fine detailing. The result is an elegantly masculine space that relates to a site’s broader context – when the practice Flackifies, visions are transformed into experiences. Guided listening, translating and inspiring clients, the studio works together with its clients, not under or over them, to create honest and inviting spaces.

With a strong interest in materiality and a keen eye for detailing, the Flack Studio design approach is a nod to restrained, classic stateliness and offset by unexpected light-hearted elements.

The practice creates spaces with a unique point of view, illustrating site specifics and honouring the history of place and design and the studio’s heart beats for education and development, encouraging less screen time and more travel, books, politics and public projects.

Flack Studio is original in its approach. It has an open-door policy to the industry. An example of this is the Flack Studio “Plinth drinks”, showcasing different designers from the industry every month. Similarly, each month our library door stays open sharing interior, architecture, fashion, art, and general design books with the community.