Chris Connell Design


2022 marks the thirty-fourth year of Chris Connell Design (CCD), a small Architecture and Interior Design studio in Melbourne, Australia that is internationally renowned for designing elegant residential and commercial interiors. As Principal, Chris Connell has over 40 years of experience in the Architecture, Interior Design and Furniture Industry. Along with business partner Raoul Hogg, Connell founded MAP International Furniture in the early 90’s, where he began showcasing an array of his well-known designs. As a multi-disciplinary studio, at any given time, Connell and the team can often be working across architecture, interiors, furniture and object design.

As a team of experienced Architects and Interior Designers CCD offers a high level of service and commitment across every commission. Connell works closely with each client and on every project and the design process almost always commences with his series of simple sketches. Connell is well known for his illustrations; the lines are uncluttered and spare but very expressive. He uses colour to cultivate the intended experience and emotion of the proposed design. Always striving for simplicity with clean lines and honest use of material, CCD has a greater interest in detail, validating their modest aesthetic and methodology.
CCD is highly focused on finishes, details, materials, lighting, and furniture. Ideas are presented early on to clients, evoking a sense of what the space will feel like, ensuring every detail that may affect the user or atmosphere has been conversed. Connell will develop custom pieces of furniture, lighting, objects and products that are specifically tailored to the relevant architectural or interior project the team is working on. Having this level of experience and expertise across multiple facets of the design industry allows CCD to deliver a service that encapsulates all design elements.

Photography: Earl Carter, Marcel Aucar, Rob Gardiner, and courtesy of Chris Connell