B.E Architecture


B.E Architecture’s projects are deeply grounded in understanding context and the user experience so that projects are meaningful and continue to be relevant over time. The designs are quiet yet strong, aiming to create a response that is appropriate to the surroundings.

The practice fully embraces the hand-built aspect of construction, placing importance on materials and detail to ensure projects continue to improve over time. The aim with each project is to express the essence of the design as clearly as possible, giving each their own unique identity.

B.E Architecture integrates architecture, interior and landscape design as one complete design process, as well as custom designed furniture pieces and art curation, for clients that value a fully considered design approach

Our office constantly questions and re-evaluates all aspects of a project, researching and developing new concepts and design solutions that not only express the interests of our clients but also look to ensure a clear design direction for each project.

The nature of the practice is to problem solve and if there isn’t a standard pre-existing solution, then it will customise one to suit the project. This might be the research and development of new milled steel window sections or a reinterpretation of lead light, in the form of agate stone slices, for example.

B.E Architecture is not afraid to look back in order to develop new ideas moving forward. Understanding and appreciating time honoured building techniques are valued in creating new design which has a sense of recognisable permanence, yet maintains current relevance while integrating innovative new developments.

Photography:Victor Vieaux and Alex Reinders