Russell & George


Russell & George was created through the merger of the multi award winning businesses of Ryan Russell and Byron George Architects. The goal of the practice is to create design solutions that extend thresholds and blur the line between different fields of design practice. This creates a dialogue between people and the places they inhabit and engage with: in this way, interiors become urban design schemes, industrial design works become art pieces, and architecture can become as singular and functional as industrial design pieces.

Russell & George treat every space as a unique opportunity to reveal the hidden personalities and goals of its clients and/or their businesses. This is a quite eclectic and a sometimes difficult approach but it is one that constantly reinvigorates and reinvents the design view and process.

The approach is evidence based, often technical and sometimes abstract, but is underwritten by an understanding of the human condition rather than current styles or trends

Architecture and design is more than just what a project looks like. For the practice it is based in science and experimentation. It has the ability to affect mood, create atmospheres, establish complex social networks, reinforce and ground communities, and generate new incomes. It is about the future and what that future could be. At its core is exploration and what these discoveries create. It is not about preconceived ideas but does learn from the successes and failures of what has been before, thoughtfully with acute precision. The design approach of the practice comes from a strong belief that spaces are for making people feel something – whether excited, relaxed, inspired, or creating a sense of connection.


Photography: Felix Forest, Iz Mady & Elaine Yuen, Sean Fennessy, Paul Martin