Rocco Design Architects Associates

Hong Kong & China

Rocco Design Architects (RDA) is a Chinese architectural practice based in Hong Kong. Founded in 1982, the firm is responsible for some of Hong Kong and Guangdong Province’s most recognised landmarks and public institutions.  Led by Principal Rocco Yim, RDA has five directors and more than 140 staff with offices in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen. RDA has been profiled in leading regional and international publications and has won myriad international and national awards.

The practice approaches architecture as an embodiment of culture: a place’s past and present, and influences from across regions. The diversity of cultures in the region contributes to the uniqueness of the work, which is ultimately informed by the following cultural phenomena.


Heritage. RDA embodies heritage authentically, developing an understanding of a place’s aesthetic and spatial traditions and applying them in contemporary contexts.

Spatiality. The practice’s perception of space and its meaning is shaped by history. Traditionally space is a phenomenon as well as a tool.

Community. Architecture that can foster togetherness has always been cherished. RDA emphasise place-making that can bring about opportunities for social exchange to cater for vibrant and interactive communities.

Density. Only density can support the growing urban population sustainably. RDA harnesses density as a tool to enhance vibrancy, accessibility, creating innovative architectural typologies like hybrids and stacking.

Connectivity. Cities condition how people and information interact. The practice aims to exploit architectural design to bring about urban connectivity as a physical, visual, and spiritual condition to facilitate movement and encounter.

Diversity. Contemporary society is subject to diverse cultural influences across space and time and RDA actively embraces them in its architecture.


Photography: Arch – Exist, Almond Chu, Rocco Design Architects