Christopher Boots Studio


Established 11-11-11, the Christopher Boots studio was founded on material and metaphysical exploration of quartz crystal, birthing a signature aesthetic. Exploring relationships between architecture, symbology, and geometry found in nature offers a contemporary interpretation of pattern, structure, and symmetry. All lighting, objects, and furniture works are handmade with love and care, with a diverse team of skilled artisans. Collaborations with glassblowers, coppersmiths, ceramicists, sculptors, and bronze casters ensures a commitment to quality and underscore an investigative sensibility, giving birth to an aesthetic often unexpected.

Through the design and manufacturing process and relationship to materiality, Christopher Boots studio demonstrates a progressive approach to design. The practice designs, prototypes, and builds in its Melbourne studios, honouring traditional elements of form, proportion, and scale, marrying traditional and cutting-edge materials and techniques, creating future antiques designed for transforming architecture. In addition to collaborating with architects, interior designers, and private clients, it has an innovative self-driven studio practice focused on designing and developing experimental one-off pieces, exhibited internationally. Exploring new technologies, techniques, and materials, these pieces inform how those at Christopher Boots Studio work and fuel the dialogue between the different worlds that are traversed.

Christopher Boots studio’s unique design philosophy is based on negotiating the relationship between the natural and the anthropocentric worlds. Nature, symbolism, and mythology are always and will be a key source of inspiration for the studio. Based on the feelings of materials and expressions of all things refined, raw, elegant, primal, complex, simple, and timeless; these characteristics elicit an emotional response to the lighting, objects, and furniture that are created.


Photography: Guy Lavoipierre