Alexander &CO.


Alexander &Co. is a studio of creatives, collaborating in design and sharing the journey of development, both of the studio and its people. As the practice matures from its ambitious start-up culture, into one of leadership, responsibility and abundance, Alexander &CO. continues to develop its own definition of a successful business and culture.

The practice purpose is based on the Spirit of Place by allowing the spirit and truth of each place, person and project to be told, through beauty and innovation. It builds relationships with people to get things made and to change the world.

Alexander & CO. is a collaboration of expertise that crosses a variety of disciplines; from branding and strategy to architecture, interior design, project management and styling.

At the core of the expertise is the ambition to create timeless market-leading design, with the promise to provide an experience that is uncompromising in its pursuit of excellence, detail and service. The studio provides a bespoke client journey focused on relationships, not transactions.

Alexander &CO. is underpinned by a charter that fosters a long term, sustainable, ‘infinite game’ mandate toward people, the environment and projects. The project practices are normalising environmental sustainability, including; carbon neutrality, sustainable energy, removal of plastic and removal of non-circular product use and the philosophies focus on the need to establish handmade, craft-focused and traditional manufacturing structures around contemporary architecture and design thinking.

As to design, the practice tailors the experience to each client. The process involves a high degree of communication and collaboration with all of clients, and at the core, is absolute transparency and openness.


Photography: Anson Smart