studioplusthree is an architecture practice based in Sydney, working across architectural, arts and cultural projects. Founded by Directors Simon Rochowski, Julin Ang and Joseph Byrne, the studio has established itself as a multidisciplinary practice, with output ranging from sound art installations and furniture design to exhibitions and architectural works.

studioplusthree is interested in exploring the intersection between craft and innovation through the making of physical objects and space. The studio has built a reputation for work that is experiential, unconventional and refined, blending technical resolution with atmospheric evocation. Pursuing the integration of innovation and craft, the studio’s process sees it collaborate outside of traditional allied disciplines, from boat builders and weaponologists to sound artists and archaeologists. The realisation of its work celebrates both high and low technology, constructed via (for example) tube lasers, flamethrowers and digital virtual worlds.

The studio draws on its background of working with leading studios and institutions both in Australia and overseas. Previous experience working with organisations such as Heatherwick Studio and the V&A Museum have contributed to the studio’s knowledge in working with its own clients, such as the British Museum, the Powerhouse Museum and the University of Sydney, as well as individuals and families around Australia.

studioplusthree is interested in the use of projects as tools for exploring the social and sensory relationships between people and spaces. Drawing on a background of performing and visual arts, the studio pursues a collaborative design process that uses this experience to question assumed approaches and distinctions. The celebration of raw materiality is a theme throughout the studio’s work.

The emotional and sensory experience is a key driver of studioplusthree’s design process. Ultimately, the studio sees its work as being in a cyclical relationship between tradition and innovation, with each project negotiating a path between research and realisation.

Photography: Brett Boardman, Tom Ferguson, Ben Hosking, Noel Mclaughlin, studioplusthree