Cera Stribley


Cera Stribley is a respected, renowned design-focused architecture and interior design practice with an intent to create meaningful relationships in all it does. The studio strives to explore connections between form and void, internal and external, and with environments, in an ongoing pursuit of honest and uncomplicated architecture. For Cera Stribley, architecture is a tool for bettering our lives. It should be aesthetically timeless, bear a strong sense of quality in materiality, and have considered meaning beyond its physical attributes.

A welcoming and friendly studio environment is critical to ensuring the design process is collaborative and enjoyable. Cera Stribley firmly believes that the most successful projects are derived from a collaborative approach that allows all employees, regardless of role or profession, to contribute to the design narrative. Workplace diversity is encouraged, as is social interaction beyond the four walls of the practice. Workplace comradery is at the core of company values.

Cera Stribley’s approach always begins with deep investigations into a site’s physical context, its planning and legislative regulations, its social and cultural heritage and aligning this with an exploration of site possibilities. The practice strives to create meaningful relationships through its work, with concepts that are vitally connected to their surroundings and the brief. The concept then can inform each design element throughout the process, creating a well considered, holistic and contextual design response.

People are often surprised to hear that the studio is only six years old, as it has grown to a team of 40-plus architects, technicians and interior designers. Says Cera Stribley: “It is difficult sometimes to keep the business successful and keep your team happy as the business grows and changes, however we have somehow managed to keep a great positive vibe… We have a high staff retention rate for a firm our size, and we do as much as we can to encourage, mentor, train and develop the careers of those who work with us.”

Photography: Emily Bartlett Photography