Biasol Studio


Biasol (be-are-zoul) is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Melbourne. With a focus on the design of interior spaces, building typologies, products and branded environments, Biasol works collaboratively with Australian and international clients to realise spaces and experiences that merge the intricacies of design to elicit outcomes that engage both physically and emotionally.

Biasol was established in 2012 by Jean-Pierre Biasol, whose Italian heritage and broader European educational influences nurtured a resonance and respect for the naturally diverse working processes common within European design practices. The Biasol approach draws on many complementary disciplines to create experiences that surpass expectation, harnessing intuitive, beautiful and highly engaging environments, products and brands.

Biasol has a strong belief of designing without disciplinary division – conceiving the design as one, right from the very beginning. Biasol seeks an open dialogue between designers from different disciplines to ultimately eschew division and encourage design integrity. Design for Biasol is about respecting the journey – as a team and with clients – to produce something better and to constantly challenge what and why things are being done. The studio is constantly learning from all its design outcomes across all our project typologies to see how it can continuously blur the lines between residential, retail, hospitality and commercial projects.

Each project brief begins with the establishment of a strong foundation and the articulation of clear intentions. The convergence of ideas, methods and processes is fostered to deliver projects that are richly layered and highly successful. The consistent delivery of projects that achieve design excellence and globally relevant appeal is imbedded in the knowledge that good design has the ability to evolve businesses, enhance lives and ignite passion.

Photography:Derek Swalwell, Handover