Alexander &CO.


A multidisciplinary design practice with a global reach, Alexander &CO. believes in the spirit of place. The studio’s capabilities span a broad range of typological sectors, and all facets of spatial and brand design. Its technical skill base includes architecture, interior design, project management, styling, branding and master planning. At the core of its DNA is the ambition to create timeless, market-leading design.

Alexander &CO. provides a client journey that is focused on highly effective relationships and outcomes. Its people and culture are recognised by an empathic, social and team-focused communication. Transparency and openness, its bedrock and structures, are built around effectively providing goal-focused individual growth, support and security.

The studio acknowledges its role to contribute positively and sustainably within the shared global village. With enterprising leadership, the team believes in its ability to provide greater outcomes for its clients, as well as opportunities for cultural growth, connections and contribution.

The studio is underpinned by a charter that fosters a long term, sustainable, ‘infinite game’ mandate toward its people, environment and projects. Its project practices normalise environmental sustainability, including carbon neutrality, sustainable energy, removal of plastic and volatile product use. Its project philosophy focuses on the need to establish handmade, craft-focused and traditional manufacturing structures around contemporary architecture and design thinking.

The company works to a core value of equality, collaboration and the commitment to share abundance. Long-term initiatives have been established to co-op the studio’s people, whilst building a focus on decolonising business practices to better provide shared capital and support networks. This is more than profit share; this is resource share, support and community collaboration. Alexander &CO.’s vision for the future articulates an industry and workplace of equal opportunity, which advocates for female practitioners, young creatives and marginalised members.

Photography: Anson Smart, Felix Forest, Tom Ferguson