Edition Office


Edition Office is an architecture studio based in Melbourne. Through the execution of its built work and research, the practice is creating an ongoing series of figures, relics, stories and relationships; all continuing a greater investigation into material and spatial practice. Edition Office strives to constantly experiment with techniques and materials to uncover new processes or to re-articulate the old.

The studio engages with its work as a long-form negotiation between a series of modifiers (people/place) and conditioning objects (buildings/relics). Edition Office designs houses and buildings that exist within the layered realms of their environment, their place. The practice has a great respect and admiration for a very diverse Australian landscape, and a considered awareness for the historical conflict that exists within all Australian terrains.

The practice’s interest in both the cultural narratives of architecture and its experiential qualities best demonstrate a progressive approach to design. Edition Office is a firm believer in the ability of architecture to affect health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally. The studio also believes that buildings can augment our relationship to place, adjusting our perception of narratives past and present.

Through built and speculative works, Edition Office catalogues each project in a way (diagram, totemic model, photograph, drawing) that allows the qualities of the practices’ emerging typologies to be assessed. Key stages of design and documentation are opened up to the broader team for comment and critique, strengthening the clarity of each project. Models, in particular, are aimed at drawing out a bodily or emotional reaction to a building. Edition Office tirelessly pursues intensity, craft and rigorous connection to place within the field of architecture.

Photography: Ben Hosking and Peter Tarasiuk.