DesignByThem was founded by industrial designers Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis in Sydney in 2007. The design house continues to be run by designers who are dedicated to creating and producing unique, original products for design professionals and enthusiasts within Australia and overseas. The brand’s growing collection of furniture, accessories and lighting is characterised by its unique Australian perspective, timeless aesthetic and distinct playfulness.

As a company, DesignByThem prides itself on being informative, original, forward thinking, authentic and always approachable. The collection has come to include 26 ranges, over 120 products and a growing ensemble of talented Australian designers.

Collaboration is key to progressive design. The name DesignByThem represents not only the multiple Australian designers in collaboration but also the people that help make it happen. To produce great work, you need a great team who love what they do, enjoy working together, motivate each other, care for each other and are always striving for new challenges and improvements. This is the DesignByThem team, and it is what allows the company to compete in the global marketplace.

DesignByThem is an advocate for Australian design and strives to support and contribute to the creative community in many ways alongside product design – such as exhibitions, talks and events. DesignByThem’s bi-annual cross-industry/interdisciplinary design talk ‘I’ll Be Happy When’ has been running since 2017 with sold-out attendance. Nicholas is currently the Design Institute of Australia NSW Chair, and both Co-Founders/Co-Directors formerly tutored at the University of Technology Sydney. They are continuously involved in design panels and industry talks across NSW.

Photography: Pete Daly.