Denton Corker Marshall (DCM) Jakarta

DSN Headquarter is a sustainable workspace that combines an energy efficient building and holistic comfortable work environment for staff members. It comprises a four-storey double-glazed low-E headquarter building with double skin facade on the west and eastern sides of the building, where the equatorial sun and heat gain is maximum. The curvilinear shape allows formation of a cooler open courtyard facing the lagoon. The site is located next to a large water reservoir, in the middle of a successful industrial estate, called Pulo Gadung Estate.

DSN wants to create a work environment with very comfortable facilities for the staff and there is a large open canteen facing the main courtyard with possibilities to dine on the outdoor terraces. A series of lounges and intimate interactive spaces throughout provides encounters among staff members.


Furniture: Alvin T, Kokuyo, Ikons. Lighting: Alto, Neko, Weef, Colorsled, Siteco. Finishes: Teka Parquette, Fagetti Stone Specialist, Indalex Aluminium Screen and Facades. Fittings & Fixtures: Dorma, Hafele, Rafes.


Photography: DCM Jakarta