Church of Joy

Department of ARCHITECTURE Co.

In a harmonious fusion of faith, art, and architecture, the Church of Joy unveils a narrative evoking a dialogue between light, geometry, and sacred symbolism. The journey focuses on the Illuminated Covenant Facade and the congregation hall.

The vertical precast pleats descend like a sacred curtain, symbolising separation from the divine. Engaging sunlight, it becomes a canvas for the Covenant Cross, crafted from Dichroic acrylic. Inspired by Genesis 9:16, “Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures”, the cross transforms into a dynamic interplay of colours, enlivening under sunlight. Varying fin depths shape a fleeting silhouette of Jesus on the cross. At night, it transforms into a radiant lantern, embodying scripture and radiating hope.

In the congregation hall, the Embracing Cross softly glows when backlit by the sun, expressing God’s unconditional welcome. At night, its concave arms channel light, creating a dramatically holy ambiance. Fabric sheets and strip lights above form rippling waves, embodying Jesus and #39’s teachings spreading.

The Church of Joy harmoniously blends the sacred with architecture, revealing its essence in every shadow, colour, and beam of light gracing its divine space and the neighbourhood.


Lighting: Krungthai Lighting Co.,Ltd for Congregation Hall Cross. Finishes: Precast Engineering Co.,Ltd. for Pre-Cast Concrete Facade, Sukit Aluminum Co.,Ltd. for Facade Cross