Thomas Dixon Centre

Conrad Gargett

Conrad Gargett has transformed the Thomas Dixon Centre in Queensland into a world-class hub for wellness, art and performance, serving as the prestigious home of the Queensland Ballet. The project involved refurbishing and extending the heritage-listed building to cater to the ballet company’s growth and with an aim of fostering community engagement.

The design brief aimed to create a revitalised headquarters that embraces the ballet’s vision and offers enhanced facilities for dancers, arts workers and patrons. Through a collaborative process with the Queensland Ballet team, Conrad Gargett translated the company’s values and activities into the architectural design. The redevelopment stands out for its seamless integration of historically significant elements with the contemporary, providing the public with captivating glimpses into the inner workings of the ballet.

Collaborations with renowned artists further enrich the project. Sustainability takes centre stage, with a strong emphasis on wellness and adherence to international WELL Building Standards. The development prioritises the well-being of the Queensland Ballet team and visitors alike, while also demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship. Community consultations were conducted, and local Traditional Owners, including Yuggera and Turrbal, were actively engaged throughout the design and construction process to ensure cultural sensitivity and environmental considerations.


Furniture: Hadley. Lighting: Design Nation. Finishes: Okalux, Lysaght/Colourbond, Covet Terrazzo, Harlequin. Fittings & Fixtures: Custom.


Photography: Christopher Frederick Jones, Chris Wardle