Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club and Amenities Facility

Warren and Mahoney

The Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club and Beach Amenities project is a remarkable testament to progressive architecture and design. With a strong focus on community engagement and inclusivity, the new facilities celebrate the Indigenous connection to land and sea while prioritising accessibility and functionality.

Practical, flexible and proud spaces were created through extensive consultation and interpretation of the design brief. The building boasts an open and active design, with a ground-level café providing breathtaking views of the water. The use of natural materials such as timber and textured concrete not only reflects the coastal environment but is also designed to withstand its harsh elements. Glass pavilions offer elevated spaces for a restaurant, lounge bar and function room, providing panoramic views of the beach, headlands and park.

The project stands out by redefining the traditional concept of a lifesaving club, becoming a vibrant hub that welcomes beachgoers from all backgrounds. Aboriginal artwork by local artists, inspired by rock engravings, beautifully reflects and celebrates Indigenous culture. Sustainability is a key focus, with the inclusion of solar panels, recycled water systems, and durable materials that minimise environmental impact.

Close collaboration with the community and cultural groups ensured a sensitive approach to the site, environment and local traditions. The result is a harmonious integration of architecture, landscape and culture that serves the needs of the community while leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.


Lighting: Trend Lighting, Light Project, Iguzzini. Finishes: Reckli, Blackbutt timber, Equitone, Webforge Stainless Steel, Earp Bros, Cosentino Dekton, ForestOne, DesignerPly, STONE Outdoors. Fittings & Fixtures: Caroma, Stormtech, RBA, Astra Walker, Astor Bannerman, PLS, Rubbermaid, Britex, Zip Zip.


Photography: Sean Fennessey, Brett Boardman