Hong Kong Palace Museum

Rocco Design Architects Associates
Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Palace Museum is an exceptional addition to Hong Kong’s cultural landscape. It showcases over 900 Chinese art and antiquity treasures, including 160 national treasures. With its grand plaza, three atria and a stunning bronze-ceilinged lobby, the museum offers 7,800 square metres of exhibition space, presenting art from the Jin dynasty to the present day. It aims to be a civic hub and a symbol of Hong Kong, providing interactive exhibitions that connect future generations with China’s cultural history.

The design brief called for a world-class institution that showcases treasures loaned from the Beijing Palace Museum, with a unique curatorial approach. The museum serves as a major tourist attraction, complementing the nearby M+ museum, and engaging visitors with educational programs that deepen their understanding of Chinese histories and cultures.

This project demonstrates a progressive approach by blending traditional aesthetics with contemporary interpretation. It fosters connections between historical artworks and modern audiences, encouraging meaningful contemplation and storytelling. The museum also prioritizes sustainability, incorporating innovative features to lower energy consumption and achieve a BEAM Plus Platinum Rating. Public consultation was conducted to ensure the project aligns with the community’s needs and expectations, making it a cultural resource that belongs to the people of Hong Kong.


Finishes: Nippon Steel, Southern Glass China, Xinyi, Kam Pin. Fittings & Fixtures: Ares Line S.p.A., Casson Building Materials (HK) Co., Metal Arts Collection, Chiling Architectural Metal, Accoya, Owlaa.


Photography: China State Construction Engineering