Dove Lake Viewing Shelter

Cumulus Studio

Nestled within the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, the Dove Lake Viewing Shelter seamlessly blends into its natural and cultural surroundings. This architectural marvel serves as a haven for visitors, providing shelter from the region’s ever-changing weather while offering a reflective space that fosters a deep connection with the environment.

The design brief called for an accessible structure able to withstand extreme weather and high visitor volumes while minimising its impact on the surrounding World Heritage landscape. The shelter, built on a former car park, harmoniously integrates with the landscape through its scored concrete walls, resembling the geological processes that shaped the valley. Over time, moss and lichen will cover the structure, further grounding it in the sensitive surroundings.

Inside, the minimalist interior design guides visitors through corridors, gradually revealing breathtaking views of the lake and mountain. With a focus on simplicity and a lack of modern amenities, the exposed interiors encourage contemplation and a heightened awareness of the natural surroundings.

This project stands out for its progressive approach to architecture and design. It celebrates the local geology, embraces the site’s cultural significance and provides universal access through raised boardwalks. Sustainable materials, passive design principles, and minimal environmental impact were prioritised throughout the project.

Overall, the Dove Lake Viewing Shelter offers a unique and engaging experience, allowing visitors to connect with the beauty of the Tasmanian wilderness while preserving its ecological and cultural integrity.


Lighting: Lux/fx, Eagle Lighting, Southern Lighting, Delta Light, Unios Titanium Recessed Downlight, Ligman. Finishes: The Bunker, Mortlock Timber Group, James Hardie, Parchem, Locker Group, Structuur, Skyline Roofing & Sheetmetal, Grating Tasmania, Soundlabs Group, Virdian, Knauf, Proctor Group, Cutek, Dulux, Brittons timber. Fittings & Fixtures: Dyson, Caroma, ASI, RBA.


Photography: Anjie Blair