Pingelly Recreation and Cultural Centre

iredale pedersen hook architects with Advanced Timber Concepts Studio

Pingelly is a small town in the ‘Wheatbelt’ of Western Australia [WA] established in 1860, with a current population of around 1200. The term ‘Wheatbelt ’refers to the primary industry of farming sheep, wheat and other cereal crops. Pingelly Shire is faced with many of the issues that are common to farming in WA: a drying climate, salt-contaminated soils, and an ageing population.

Sport has always played a pivotal social and cultural role in both the Wadjela (white) and the Aboriginal communities. The community is made up of 12.4 per cent First Nations people and the town is the proud home of the “Pingelly Tigers”, the first all Aboriginal Australian Rules Football team which was formed in the 1960s when Aboriginal people were prohibited from playing alongside Wadjela, or the white settlers.

The facility consists of four pavilions linked by a long verandah.  The verandah faces east and provides an activity zone, shelter from the winds and the sun and acts as a viewing platform to watch field sports on the oval or lawn bowls to the north.

External verandah spaces are utilised extensively to provide flexible spaces for year-round activities. All zones are fully accessible for wheelchair and assisted users.

The verandah space is articulated to form a large “breezeway” welcome area between the two larger pavilions; and at the southern end forms covered outdoor activity areas for social gatherings, barbecues and a children’s playground.


Lighting: Pierlite, Thorn, Clevertronics, Lighting Options Australia. Finishes: Colorbond Steel Zincalume, Yellow Stringy Bark, Capral Doors and Windows, Ryan Bathroom Systems, Laminex Cabinets, Deluxe Professional Enviro2. Fittings & Fixtures: ACO, Caroma.


Photography: Peter Bennetts