32 Smith Street

Fender Katsalidis

The sustainably focused commercial building, 32 Smith Street, is an important gateway and civic space for Parramatta, New South Wales. Its innovative design delivers a world-class, leading-edge workplace environment through urban, sustainability and design philosophy-based solutions.

The sculptural tower’s low iron glass facade, hylomorphic shaped louvres and almost translucent exterior serves as a beautiful place to work that contributes to the public realm at both the street level and skyline.

Drawing inspiration from the nearby river, the tower is shaped as a ‘building in the round’ with its curved pebble form reducing glare and wind. An atrium with glazed lifts lets in natural light and offers panoramic views for building occupants, creating an unparalleled arrival experience.

The development provides an exceptional ground plane experience for both public and private use. The ‘urban room’ provides a welcoming display for all to enjoy via a thoughtful heritage interpretation embedded in the fabric of the building, which also recognises the local Darug indigenous community.

An environmental shading system, tree-lined open-air terraces and publicly accessible landscaped areas has made 32 Smith Street one of Parramatta’s most sustainable commercial office towers.


Furniture: Hub Furniture, dedece, RC+D. Lighting: Heyday Group. Finishes: Milliken, Briggs Veneers, Sam the Paving Man. Fittings & Fixtures: Pietra Bianca, Caroma.


Photography: Anthony Fretwell (Image 1), Sydney Site Photography (Images 2-4).