Z9 Resort

Dersyn Studio Co., Ltd

Z9 Resort is a floating resort perched on and beside the Srinakarin Dam in Thailand’s Kanchanaburi province. The resort demonstrates an appropriate use of materials in a nature-oriented structure, which offers private on-land accommodation and cosy raft accommodation. Each building utilises natural ventilation, with shapes, proportions and colours intimately blending with the mountain and lake views.

What should be considered as the main actor in the design of a resort? Should it be the resort buildings themselves or the natural context? Dersyn Studio believes that the natural context should play the most important role, with the resort buildings as a supporting actor.

The lobby plays the important role of demonstrating the relationship of buildings and environment, and is aligned such that guests can enjoy sunsets and sunrises from the space. A ‘catwalk’-like walkway leads out over the water to the accommodation, where the steel-framed architecture and lakeside scenes create a ‘stage show’ atmosphere. Meanwhile, an existing large tree shades a common area that becomes a space conducive to activities for all ages.

The experience of space, architectural form and views recharges the spirit after a long car journey. It is a powerful confluence of architecture, water, mountain and sky. Z9 Resort, from any viewpoint – whether inside-out or outside-in – presents architectural space that merges into the natural context and also defines itself as one minority part of an existing natural context. It is much like the relationship between a painting and its frame.

Photography: Beer Singnoi and Jagkree Phetphosree.