Trophy Hunting: It’s a Big Game

  •   25 November 2016

What’s an awards ceremony without … well … an award?

I am the eldest of four children. I know, right – my poor mother. Perhaps it was due to our collective penchant for sport, academics, or the arts, but not a single weekend passed without my poor mother shuttling us about from one football field to a cricket pitch to an orchestral practice room… you get the idea. But it was neither physical exhaustion nor fuel prices she regretted.

So, her regret? A momentary lapse in her interior-decorating.

You see, over the years, my poor mother’s living room wall became progressively encrusted with all manner of ribbons, medals and trophies. Extrapolating some form of interior-decorating scheme from a rag-tag bunch of jaunty girls with high ponytails and netball bibs, exaggerated cello scrolls and a haphazard palette of bronze, silver, gold, glass and emerald glitter Lucite (…no joke) was obviously going to be impossible.

In a way, trophies are strange things. Everyone wants so much to receive one and, when we’re lucky enough to win, we bring it home and have to confront its ugliness. We confront, that is, the embarrassment of being awfully chuffed to bits, but not wanting to keep it.

I don’t mean to be terribly blunt, but why are there so many ugly awards?

It’s not too flippant a question, really. And it was certainly one haunting us when we launched the INDE. Awards. Being, quite simply, an awards programme celebrating only the best in design, we couldn’t possibly recognise incredible feats of creativity with a hideous trophy or dull plaque. And, heaven forbid (!) we recognised the incredible achievements of our Asia Pacific A+D community with some monstrous inflation of our logo – we’ve always thought a that tactless move. That’s not the point: it’s not about us – it’s about you.

Quite a conundrum. But because the INDE. Awards are a brand new awards programme by the Asia Pacific A+D world, for the Asia Pacific A+D world, we thought: ‘why not have each of the awards, themselves, reflect that?’

And that’s exactly what we’ve done!

I am excited to announce that one of Australia’s top design duos have been busy at their studio reinterpreting their iconic style for the INDE. Awards. Dinosaur Designs and their internationally recognised aesthetic language of vibrant colours, dramatic shapes and trendsetting designs is the perfect brand to help bring you the INDE. Awards in July 2017.

Commemorating the fearlessness, innovation and ambition of all architecture and design achievements across all countries of the Asia Pacific region, the INDE. Awards represent only the best and brightest in regional A+D.

After 30 years of creating contemporary jewellery, homewares and products that cherish the spirit of design in our region, Stephen Ormandy and Louise Olsen – the brains behind Dinosaur Designs – reflect so much of the essence behind INDE. With a courageous passion for art and design being core to their creative vision, with every collection Dinosaur Designs releases Ormandy and Olsen challenge us to consider the importance of design in our everyday.

So, have we piqued your interest?

The INDE. Awards designed by Dinosaur Designs are up for grabs. Go on, you’ve got what it takes. We’ve always believed in you.

Pictured: Dinosaur Design Earth Bowls from Rainforest Collection.