Have Your Say! People’s Choice Voting For The INDE.Awards Luminary And Prodigy Of The Year Is Now Open

  •   1 March 2018

Who Moves You in A&D in APAC?

People’s choice voting for the INDE.Awards 2018 Luminary and Prodigy of the year is now open! We’ve selected four established stalwarts and four up-and-comers who are changing the face of A&D for the better. And now it’s over to you.


Meet the Luminaries of 2018:

The Luminaries are those who strive to change the world of design; who challenge the design industry to be better; to push us all in the direction of innovation and constant improvement.


Khai Liew (Khai Liew, Australia): Designer of exquisitely crafted furniture and Australian colonial furniture specialist.


Ma Yansong (Mad Architects, China): Architect seeking a new balance between city, environment and society.


Mia Feasey (Siren Design Group, Australia and Singapore): Interior designer changing the game around APAC.


Vo Trong Nghia (Vo Trong Nghia Architects, Vietnam): Architect using greenery to rehabilitate Vietnam’s urban centres.


Meet the Prodigies of 2018:

Our Prodigies demonstrate a spirit of progression, expertise and big-picture thinking. They are bold, fearless and entirely unforgettable – pushing the boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on the design world in our region and beyond.


Briar Hickling and Alex Mok (Linehouse, China): Architects and interior designers transforming the mundane into performative acts.


Olivia Lee (OLIVIA LEE, Singapore): Designer creating new experiences and uncovering new rituals and behaviours.


Nick Harding (Ha, Australia): Architect with an interest in future models for Australian cities and a focus on people.


David Neustein and Grace Mortlock (Other Architects/Otherothers, Australia): Architects seeking out ‘other’ approaches that challenge convention.


Who will receive a trophy at the INDE.Awards gala in June? In our eyes, they’re all winners. But we want to hear from you! You’ve got until 6 April to have your say on who you think is The Luminary and The Prodigy of the year.

Vote for your ‘People’s Choice’ Luminary of the year here.

Vote for your ‘People’s Choice’ Prodigy of the year here.


Our special thanks go out to our category partners for supporting our awards for established and emerging talents around Asia Pacific.

The Luminary category partner is Wilkhahn – a company with a global reputation for pioneering designs, state-of-the-art engineering, and a demonstrated commitment over 100 years to design finesse and distinction. Wilkhahn is a luminary in its own right.

The Prodigy category partner is Cosentino – a forward-thinking company that aims to innovate with responsibility. With up-to-the-minute R&D fuelling leading-edge designs and supporting an international reach, this is a company that sparks new possibilities for A&D. Sounds like a prodigy to us!

Cast your votes now!