A New Age Of Touch-Sensitive Design: Smooth Like Suede, Rich Like Velvet

  •   1 May 2018

A revolutionary matte texture never seen before in quartz surfaces has just been launched thanks to Silestone and Cosentino. Read all about it here!


Touch might just be one of the most underrated elements of design. Often, other things guide the standards by which we assess performance: how a product looks, for example, or how well it does what it needs to do. The way a product feels – and how, in turn, it makes us feel – is usually a secondary consideration. This is in spite of the fact that feeling good is one of the major elements that separates outstanding design from its mediocre counterparts, giving some products a certain je ne sais quois that puts them leagues ahead of competitors. The tactile element of any object is crucial to well-rounded, successful design, and can elevate everyday items and spaces to the realm of the extraordinary.

Nobody understands this better than Cosentino, who are committed to delivering high quality surface solutions that feel as good as they look. For nearly 40 years, the Spanish company has led the global surfaces market in innovative, stylish surfaces that transform spaces across the residential and commercial sectors alike. Over the past 25 years, this drive toward innovation has been channelled into the Silestone® range of natural quartz countertops, which bring design flexibility and unrivalled performance into kitchens and bathrooms. Made from 94% natural quartz, Silestone® has earned a global reputation for high performance, cutting-edge contemporary design, and enviable sustainability credentials: the Silestone® Eco Line series contains at least 50% recycled raw materials.

Now, just when it looked like Silestone® couldn’t possibly get any better, Cosentino have launched Suede, a revolutionary extra matte finish for Silestone® surfaces. Every bit as luxurious as its name suggests, Suede is a multi-sensory finish that combines stunning visuals with a unique tactile experience. Sumptuously soft and velvety to the touch, Suede adds a new dimension to the way that people experience surfaces and spaces within their home.

Perfect for the high-end kitchen, bathroom, or other living space, Silestone® Suede brings an unexpected touch of luxe to every day environments. Suitable for use with any of Silestone®’s comprehensive portfolio of colours, three textures, and different formats, Suede is gorgeously, richly textured, and conveys a sense of depth that is captivating from the first glance. Vivid colours and brightness are paired with a fine surface texture that gently reflects low levels of light to convey a sophisticated, timeless elegance. On close inspection, Silestone® Suede reveals nuances that shift and reveal themselves in accordance with the surroundings and lighting conditions. Thanks to a fine, subtle surface grain, Suede provides an exceptional level of warmth, tactile delight, and softness.



But don’t let this softness fool you – Suede is as robust and high performance as any Silestone® surface finish, and incorporates the signature Silestone® advanced N-BOOST formulation for easy cleaning and maintenance. By targeting materials at a molecular level, N-BOOST enhances colours and surface shine while reducing the need for maintenance and cleaning. Impervious to liquids and resistant to scratches and staining, N-BOOST ensures the utmost level of hygiene and extended product lifespans in all settings.

Suede marks a major milestone in quartz surface treatment, providing extremely high resistance to stains, blemishes, and other surface damage, in addition to outstanding technological performance. The durable, high-performance finish of Silestone® Suede countertops is as low-maintenance as it is stylish and functional, and guarantees a sleek touch, durable surface, and extraordinary appearance for any interior design project.


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Together with Polished and VolcanoSuede forms the Silestone® range of finishes, which complements the blend of aesthetics and high performance offered by the quartz material. Designed and engineered to deliver an immersive, enchanting design experience, Silestone® Suede heralds a new age of feel-good design that looks every bit as good as it feels.


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