Announcing Neolith, Your Official Partner for the 2017 Object INDE.Awards

  •   3 April 2017

Not all objects are created equal. Functionality, signification, aesthetics, sustainability, how well something moulds to, adapts, or is adapted by the human body. All are fundamental parts that comprise a piece of successful industrial design.

And if we’re to learn from the experts about good industrial design, we need look no further than Neolith. An all-natural compact sintered surface, Neolith – available through Australia thanks to the team at CDK Stone – was developed with all of the aforementioned aspects in mind. The resulting product is host to a plethora of valuable characteristics, from scratch, heat and cool resistance; to being waterproof; resistant to UV rays and easy to clean; among others. To top it off, with all those characteristics and a range of customisability, it may be applied to virtually every indoor and outdoor surface, from bench tops to flooring to exterior facades.

Functionality? Check. Signification? Check. How well it fits with human activity? Double check. I guess we should all be glad Neolith isn’t a contender for this year’s Object Award… Although perhaps I shouldn’t be giving them any ideas for next year.

These are the INDE.Awards. The INDE.s are a new kind of awards programme by the creative industry, for the creative industry. INDE. recognises the innovative design story of Asia Pacific – on our own terms. The program is fuelled by yours truly, Indesign Media Asia Pacific, and supported by the exceptional curatorial eye of a prestigious panel of A+D heavyweights across the region. INDE. commemorates home-grown bravery, innovation, drive and the local spirit of all architecture and design achievements.

“Championing the best in design and architecture across Asia Pacific has always been our number one commitment,” says Raj Nandan, Founder and CEO of Indesign Media. “We can’t wait to celebrate this love of great design with you in 2017, the year of INDE.Awards.”

INDE. Represents standout submissions from the entire Asia Pacific region – a truly international affair to celebrate the diversity and dynamism of global design right on our doorstep.

We are proud to announce Neolith has joined the INDE Awards as 2017’s Object Partner.

Neolith is available in Australia thanks to premier surfaces and stone supplier CDK Stone.