Launch Pad Program Partner Schiavello Knows: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Designers Matters

  •   29 March 2018

When you’re embarking on your design career, mentorship and guidance are invaluable. That’s what’s at the heart of the Launch Pad program. We are pleased to partner with Schiavello again in 2018.


What does it take to succeed in design? What can you do to develop your design career?

Raw talent and training or an education in design certainly help, as do a keen eye for consumer tastes and trends – but what else plays a part in establishing the thought and practice leaders of tomorrow? In today’s hyper-connected, consumer-oriented world in which people no longer switch off so much as enter standby mode, design has become inextricable for businesses. In addition to having outstanding talent, remarkable creativity, and ideas that stand out from the pack, today’s designers must also have a degree of business acumen and marketing savvy in order to succeed. The sheer volume of products available on the market and the staggering rate at which the market continues to expand means that the success of a product is contingent not only on its design but also on its marketing, packaging, and position in the global supply chain.

For over a decade, Launch Pad has bridged the gap between upcoming talent and the daunting, fast-paced design industry. This year, Launch Pad joins the INDE Awards program to form part of one of the paramount celebrations of design excellence in the Asia Pacific region. An award scheme like no other, Launch Pad taps into the knowledge base held by high-profile industry practitioners and imparts this to a new generation of design professionals. Through a sustained process of mentorship, Launch Pad takes emerging talent through all stages of the design process from design resolution through to marketing, manufacture, and supply. Early career designers are provided with a unique opportunity to hone their design skills while developing new capabilities in business thinking and management.


Launch Pad Australia 2017 winner Dora Ferenczi accepting her trophy at the INDE.Awards 2017 Gala.


At its core, Launch Pad values authenticity, innovation, and honest and open feedback. Designers are encouraged to take an iterative approach to design that recognises the importance of market forces on shaping their eventual product. This year, Launch Pad expands its scope across the region, with winners in the Australian and Asian streams competing against one another for the honour of Ultimate Launch Pad Winner. The winning designer will receive exposure with Indesign Media, a 1-year mentorship with the judging panel from their region, and a $10 000 manufacturing grant to take the prototype into production.

For the second year running, Australia-headquartered commercial design powerhouse Schiavello is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the Launch Pad award and mentorship.

Fresh off the back of celebrating 50 years of design excellence, Schiavello is no stranger to the challenges of being a newcomer in the bustling, high-speed design industry. The company started as a family business in 1960s Melbourne and has since grown to become a major brand whose name is synonymous with serious design credentials throughout the industry.


Schiavello’s Toku collection, designed by Gavin Harris.


Schiavello has worked with a number of architecture and design heavyweights around the world, and is known for its bold, coherent, and instantly recognisable design identity. Celebrated for its sleek contemporary design, unrivalled functionality, and outstanding craftsmanship, Schiavello‘s comprehensive range of commercial furniture is found in offices and hospitality environments across the globe.

Schiavello’s MR Chair, designed by Mario Ruiz.


Recently, the company expanded to designing residential furniture and products, and experienced firsthand the process of negotiating entry into a new market. In light of its continuing success, Schiavello is always mindful of its roots as a small, family-owned and run company and wherever possible champions the work of little-known, up-and-coming designers. Schiavello looks forward to nurturing the next generation of designers through the Launch Pad program, and is thrilled to support new talent in its journey to achieving its full potential.


Launch Pad shortlisting is now in session! Will you win the AU$10,000 manufacturing grant to take your prototype through to production? Stay tuned! Live judging happens in May.