INDEs And ADP: Connecting Asia With The World

  •   9 February 2018

Announcing the INDE.Awards’ partnership with the Asia Designer Communication Platform (ADP)!


We love finding like-minded partners in the design industry – especially those with a focus on our region. It was a pleasure, therefore, for us to connect with the ADP – a cross-spectrum design association that works to increase the international exposure of its designer members with a view to expanding their market domestically and internationally.

The ADP recognises that Asia is the most important market in the world, and that Asian design has attracted global attention. Its focus is creating higher value for the Asian design industry – across architectural design, interior design, graphic design and industrial design. The association invites outstanding designers and the winners of the world’s top design awards to join.

And best of all, firms that are shortlisted in the INDE.Awards will be offered complimentary ADP membership!

We’re also pleased to announce that Indesign Media’s Founder and CEO Raj Nandan has become an ADP advisor. He joins an international panel of design industry figures who offer the industry knowledge and experience that will help shape maximum impact for ADP’s activities.


ADP Designer Members are offered a host of activities and connections, including media exposure through regular events, exhibitions and press releases; certification courses; special privileges for ADP design tours in Asia Pacific cities; networking with other members; commercial consulting services and business opportunities; background checks on other design firms (prior to collaborations); connection with other important international design organisations; and industry-related news (sent periodically). There are additional benefits for ADP Partners. Visit the ADP website to view all the benefits.

Indesign Media Asia Pacific looks forward to a meaningful partnership with the ADP!