The Multi-Residential visionary of our time: Breathe

  •   5 September 2022

In 2022 the calibre of design in the INDE.Awards shortlist of The Multi-Residential Building reached an apex of outstanding creativity in the design of apartment and multi-faceted living.

As winner of The Multi-Residential Building category, Nightingale Ballarat by Breathe, Australia demonstrates that design sensitive to site and culture, with amenity and connectivity at its heart, is an irresistible combination.

INDE.Awards - The Multi-Residential Building Winner - Breathe

Supporting The Multi-Residential Building is Bosch a company that understands how great design empowers people. Bosch congratulates Breathe on receiving the winning accolade with a design that speaks of today and tomorrow.

Reflecting on the project, Robert Warner, general manager of retail sales, BSH Home Appliances comments, “It’s not often you come across a development as unique and impressive as Nightingale Ballarat. Not only is the architecture elegant and deep-rooted in history, the development has also placed significant importance on many sustainability and community factors.

INDE.Awards - The Multi-Residential Building Winner - Breathe

We understand sustainable thinking requires passionate thought and planning and Breathe Australia did just that. It’s an astonishing accomplishment to be 100 per cent fossil fuel-free and boasting an 8 star NatHERS rating.

We are enthralled at the thought Nightingale Ballarat has put into its design for the wider community. Breathe Australia was so purposeful in their decisions when entwining community areas in the design, clearly represented by the generous semi-public courtyard, tree planting and built-in seats to improve the pedestrian experience.”

INDE.Awards - The Multi-Residential Building Winner - Breathe

As a company, Bosch also seeks to enhance life through its quality products that stand the test of time as it embraces the ideas of sustainability. As Warner says, “There are many connections to the sustainable focus on the Nightingale Ballarat project and Bosch.

We are proud to say that Bosch is ‘Invented for Life’, with a clear ambition to enhance the quality of life with ideas and innovations that make life easier for all, with as little impact on the environment as possible. Being part of the BSH Group, a global organisation dedicated to a programme of sustainability initiatives, including the operating of all production, development and administration sites carbon-neutrally since 2020.”

At the heart of this is a commitment is developing efficient appliances that are designed to have a longer life, to be repairable and at the end of their life, can be recycled or reused. We are also committed to investing in technology dedicated to save energy and water, products that one can also flexibly rent – creating a circular economy and to remain carbon-neutral across all facets of the brand.”

Beautifully put and Nightingale Ballarat is certainly a design for people today but also looking to the future, Warner explains, “Nightingale continues to establish a multi-residential design movement working toward a clear focus on communal spaces shared with the public, whether that is an urban courtyard, public furniture or tree planning, there is this notion of bringing the community together to form village-like experiences.

The entry solidifies that sustainability is at the forefront of many projects, with architects and designers designing for future adaption and to minimise the environmental footprint and the subsequent impact on site – a move forward that we whole-heartily support.”

As another iteration of the hugely successful Nightingale Housing template that provides socially, financially and environmentally sustainable apartments, Nightingale Ballarat is a testament to the desire of the wider community to live better in housing that is for people, not for profit.

Congratulations to Breathe for a stellar project that has received top honours in The Multi-Residential Building at the 2022 INDE.Awards.



Photography by Kate Longley