This self-financing, solar energy financial solution in India wins The Influencer

  •   2 September 2022

BillionBricks Home by BillionBricks Homes with Architecture BRIO, India, has been named winner of The Influencer in the 2022 INDE.Awards. This innovative project is inspirational in its intentions, that is, to become a template for housing of the future.

As a true Influencer, the project has been conceived to help people and their communities create better and more sustainable lives. As supporter of The Influencer category, Steelcase extends congratulations to this exemplary winner and applauds the vision of the creators.

INDE.Awards 2022  Winner - The Influencer

Steelcase understands that a healthy planet is an imperative for the wellbeing of people and culture. For more than 100 years, Steelcase has worked with the architecture and design community to help people and practices innovate and grow and this includes an ongoing commitment to sustainability initiatives now and for the future. As new ideas for sustainability are showcased in The Influencer, Steelcase also continues to create and refine its products and place in the world to ensure a better future.

Susan Mardini, Managing Director, Steelcase Australia remarks on the project, “Steelcase is so thrilled for the winner of the Influencer category, BillionBricks Homes. It is great to see the judging panel recognising a project with such strong social and environmental credentials. Steelcase places strong emphasis on our ESG initiatives and has set ambitious goals of our own. We also have a growing presence in India so we’re so pleased that both have been recognised with this award.”

INDE.Awards 2022  Winner - The Influencer

Creating a better planet is the only solution for the future and, as Mandini reflects: This project “not only provides a home to the most vulnerable but also considers climate and financial obligation as a complete solution – overall a standout project”.

There is much to applaud about BillionBricks Home as the world’s first self-financing home, combining housing and solar energy into a single investible financial solution. It presents an extraordinary opportunity to shape the future of the world, where everyone can be a homeowner while mitigating climate change.

Looking to that future and how the project can influence design Mandini comments, “It is certainly forward-thinking and future-proofing into some of the most pressing matters of society, BillionBricks Homes was able to address circular design principles, aiding the public service system, and carbon neutrality, all in one design. Absolutely the way forward for the region and across the globe.”

The Influencer is a special category in the INDE.Awards that showcases extraordinary new sustainable ideas. BillionBricks Home is a unique and bold initiative that aims to better society as well as the environment and it is indeed a worthy winner of The Influencer award. Read more about the project, click here.

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