The People’s Choice Voting

The Prodigy

Karen Abernethy
Founder, Karen Abernethy Studio
Karen Abernethy is the founder of the eponymous Karen Abernethy Studio. Specialising in small, finely crafted residential and commercial projects, Karen and her team embrace creative projects that enhance the human experience.

Using simple forms and basic design narratives. Karen creates spaces that resonate profoundly with place and inhabitants.

David Flack
Founder, Flack Studio
Founder of Melbourne’s Flack Studio, David Flack is an interior architecture and design specialist. Working across small, large-scale and multi residential, commercial, retail and hospitality projects in Australia and abroad, David unifies his design with a contemporary, yet respectfully classic style. With a respect for fine craftsmanship, David’s designs are bold and elegantly masculine.

Daniel To and Emma Aiston

Founders, Daniel Emma
Daniel To and Emma Aiston founded Daniel Emma in 2008 as a way of expressing their pair’s passions through creative Industrial Design. Today, the pair and their eponymous studio work on a variety of projects ranging from desk objects to large scale installations. The duo is driven by a passion to create the unexpected – from simple objects using simple forms, to creative and experimental industrial design.

Vince Alafaci and Caroline Choker
Founders, Acme & Co
Vince Alafaci and Caroline Choker are the founders of Acme & Co, a multidisciplinary design firm. The pair’s practice has experience in both small and large scale projects, having worked in hospitality, residential, commercial, industrial, public and adaptive reuse. The duo has focused on creating holistic design solutions that respond to commercial objectives and site specific needs.

Lorene Faure and Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui

Founders, Bean Buro
Founders of Bean Buro, Lorene Faure and Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, are emerging architecture and interior design specialists. Originally working in the UK, the duo opened the Hong Kong studio in 2013, and has gone on to showcase a diverse range of projects, all unified by a core vision of responding to global narratives.

Pan Yicheng
Co-Founder, Produce
Pan Yicheng is the co-founder of Produce design studio in Singapore. Designing with a central narrative at the core of all his work, Pan’s work has seen constraints and economies as important ingredients in design, with his work telling stories within given contexts. Pan believes that it is persistence and rigour that leads to the greatest design outcomes, and has a history of approaches work and projects that demand broader change.

Frank Leung
Founder, Via
Having grown up in artistic environs, it seems like a given that Frank Leung would enter the creative realm. After achieving a degree in architecture at the University of Texas, Leung worked his way up the ladder at a slew of design firms including Wong Tung & Partners and Kwan & Associates, before founding Via in 2009. Via, a transition or journey, epitomises what Leung and his team excels at doing, focussing on the process as much as the result.

Nelson Chow
Director, NC Design & Architecture
Nelson Chow is the director of NC Design & Architecture. Nelson and the Hong Kong-based design firm specialise in retail, restaurant, hospitality and residential projects, covering the full design remit encompassing interiors, bespoke furniture and innovative products. Nelson has an interest in developing creative projects that reinvent experiences of space through meaningful connections.