INDE. Summit - Program Details

Welcome Address

INDE.Awards Program Director Jan Henderson presents the Summit’s overarching theme: ‘Develop / Undevelop’

‘Development’ often goes unquestioned as a force that will deliver advancement, value and growth. But as the realities of climate, equity and health challenges play out locally, regionally and globally, it’s critical that we deeply consider what sort of advancement, value and growth we really need in our part of the world.

To ‘undevelop’ is not always the easy option. As architects and designers facilitate and arrange change so too can they step back, learn the lessons of neighbours and try to make a difference for the wellbeing of the populace and our fragile environment.

The Indo-Pacific region’s vast array of environments, cultures and traditions are the root of multiple approaches to architecture and design. In them we can seek many modes of wisdom for tackling familiar problems – even as traditional development modes infiltrate more locations around the region.

The inaugural INDE.Summit of 2021 is the unique opportunity to engage in region-wide reconsideration of mainstream pathways to development – to pool knowledge from disparate sources for outcomes that can provide benefits beyond the primary financial dimension.

Within an overarching regional context of rapid change, the INDE.Summit will explore leading examples of deeply rooted, deeply relevant and deeply equitable approaches to architecture and design for the benefit of enhanced regional awareness, understanding and strategy.


You won’t miss a thing regardless of where you are in the region, join the live broadcast online.


Jan Henderson