Entries for Launch Pad 2018 will be open 23 November 2017 – 12 March 2018.

To be eligible, designers/teams and their prototypes must comply with the following criteria (see the Terms & Conditions for full criteria):

  • Have designs in development.
  • Be engaged in design research.
  • All designers/teams must be residents of an Asia Pacific nation.
  • Applicants may submit up to two (2) entries. Both entries are eligible for judging.
  • Each entry must have a complete physical prototype. If the prototype is not complete at the time of entry, it must be completed for live judging in May if the entry is selected as a finalist. Finalist entries without completed prototypes in May for live judging will be disqualified.
  • Product(s)/Prototype(s) submitted must target the following categories: furniture, lighting or accessories.
  • It is not a requirement of Launch Pad that prototypes be shown for the first time (i.e. your prototype may have been previously exhibited).
  • Product(s)/Prototype(s) designs must be less than 24 months old from date of submission.
  • Product(s)/Prototype(s) must not be subject to any current manufacturers’ agreements.
  • Entrants must have paid the registration fee in full for their prototype to be eligible for judging (see details below).
  • If successful in being selected for live judging in Sydney or Singapore, applicants agree to have their submitted prototype(s) available in Sydney (for applicants residing in Australia or New Zealand) or Singapore (for applicants residing in other APAC nations) for live judging. Please note, transport will NOT be covered or managed by Indesign Media Asia Pacific.
  • If successful in being selected as a finalist in the Launch Pad 2018 program, applicants agree to be available to ‘pitch’ their prototype in English to the regional judging panel in Sydney or Singapore either in person (preferable) or via Skype Video/Google Meeting during the live judging session. This element of judging cannot be done via video recording as it must be a two-way conversation. If language barriers are of concern to the finalist during this element of judging, the finalist may arrange a translator at their own cost. This must be identified and organised well in advance.


Entry Fee
Entry into Launch Pad 2018 attracts a registration fee, listed below. All registrations fees must be paid in full to be eligible in the program.

  • Prototype Entry #1 = AU$55 (includes prototype entry)
  • Prototype Entry #2 = AU$20 (eligible for second entry only)

All payments made to enter the program are non-refundable. Special circumstances will be considered.

For full Terms and Conditions of the Launch Pad 2018 program click here.


To enter Launch Pad 2018, the two steps below must be carried out:

  1. Complete the Online Application Process

To enter Launch Pad the entrant must log in to the entry website and create an account. There, step-by step instructions will need to be followed to enter the prototype into the competition. Once registered, the entrant can sign in anywhere and at anytime to update entry details, upload more images or even enter another prototype.


  1. Supply us with Imagery

Entrants are requested to upload 3 high resolution JPEG images of each prototype entered to the entry website. Images must be:

  • 1500 x 1000 pixels
  • Landscape in orientation
  • Crisp and clean quality image (no pixilation)